About Us


Dean Yerigan built Yerigan Construction on the belief that working directly with architects, designers, and homeowners would allow them to build exceptional custom homes without forcing clients to choose between price and quality.

As he tells it, “It bothered me when people knowingly put in poor quality work just to protect their bottom line. Their priority was to make money, and they did so by using inferior products, cutting corners on craftsmanship and detail, and passing undue costs onto the homeowner. Their priorities should have been taking pride in the work and pride in the service. Everything else will come after that.”

The proud tradition he started in 1986 has been carried on by his son Bruce, grandson Erik, and granddaughter Jennifer.

By being upfront with the homeowner, we’re able to discuss different options for products, techniques, and approaches in order to help them find the best solution to their homebuilding needs. Getting their input and approval allows us to find cost-savings without sacrificing quality.

What differentiates us from other custom home builders is the amount of time we put into planning and estimating a project. Rushing into a project leads to miscommunication and added costs. We aim to provide an accurate forecast for the cost of materials and labor, and the time needed to complete a project so that our clients know exactly what to expect.

We don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to building the perfect home for our customers. Not taking the time to do things right ends up costing more money, and more headaches, over the course of the building process. Our experienced team works closely with each architect and designer to lay out the best option for your home construction needs, and to provide you with complete transparency over the cost, timing, and building schedule.

Some of our customers prefer to roll up their sleeves and take a hands-on approach, working with our team to choose the materials, fixtures, and design treatments for their home. Others like to sit back, relax, and rely on our talented team to create the perfect space. Whichever you prefer, we’re here to help you make it happen.